Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Home :)

Sam and I have been pretty busy.  We've been working hard getting unpacked and getting settled into the condo.  It's taken awhile but it finally feels like home.  I thought I'd put up some pictures for those of you interested.  This is just the downstairs of our condo.  There are tons of mirrors and all laminate floors.  I'm thinking by the time we move I'll be rather sick of cleaning mirrors and sweeping. :)

But we really love our new home!  There is a lot we still need to do in terms of home improvements.  The walls badly need paint, and the floors need lots of work.  We're looking forward to really fixing it up - and it's nice to have a husband who knows how to do all those projects. :)  We're really anxious to get started but we can't until the sale goes through.  This whole thing is definitely teaching us patience!

Here's our bar. Ignore the picture frames without our pictures in them. :)

Here's our view from the bar.

This is our fun kitchen...which needs to be painted. :)  I'm not a fan of the oddly colored wall.
And our dining room.  We can't wait to replace the light fixture!
Another view.  The huge mirror on that wall came included...and actually makes the place look bigger!

Our living room.  Lots of random shelves! 

Hope you enjoy the pictures!  I'll add pictures of the upstairs rooms soon!

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  1. I love it!!! You guys have it decorated so cute!! I can't wait to see your place in-person when we come to visit for Christmas!!! :)


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