Monday, October 25, 2010

Packin' Up, Movin' Out

Yep...we're moving back to Sonoma County!  If you've read my previous posts, you'll know what a difficult time Sam and I have had here in Southern CA.  I'm not planning to put all the details onto my blog for the world to see, but if you're interested in knowing specifics, I'll be glad to tell you personally.  Ultimately, we finally felt that last straw that broke the camel's back.  It came in the form of a leaky condo roof.  Yes...we came home Tuesday night after a particularly hard couple of days to find a soaked through roof.  We realized we did not want to purchase a place that would need so much extra work and money.  And that was it!

After a lot of prayer, we felt that moving back would be best for us at this time.  And since we've decided, things have progressed rather quickly!  Sam was already offered a job (before he even began searching!) and we already found a new place to live.  Praise God!  My friend told me that she'd prayed we would feel peace about the decision and confirmation that we did the right thing - and that's exactly what has happened.

We just keep getting more and more excited as we think more about it.  But that's not to say we won't miss people here!  My aunt and uncle live here, as well as my cousin and her husband.  My college roommate lives here with her family as well.  We've really enjoyed being around all of them, and if it hadn't been for them we wouldn't have even made it this long!  But even they have all been encouraging in our decision.  Something my Aunt Sharon said to me was especially encouraging.  She said it's hard to know what to do in these we wait through the hard times and learn, or does it come to a point when all the doors keep closing and we take it as a sign to move on?  We certainly feel that many doors have been shut tight for us down here.

Having said that, I do believe we were brought here for a reason.  Sam and I learned so much living here the past few months, and I am so grateful for the strong foundation it has been for our marriage.  I'm a big believer that God always has us right where we're supposed to be in any given situation, and for our first 90 days of marriage, that place was in the Antelope Valley.  I wouldn't give up these experiences for anything.  Though they were hard, they made us strong.

Well...time to start packing.  I'm a little overwhelmed by that - I just unpacked everything and decorated our home!  And our new place is much smaller than this one, so I get to go through everything and figure out what we really need.  Perhaps I need a lesson in simplifying and getting rid of our overabundance of material things???  Guess I'll always be learning. :)

P.S. I'd love prayers for a new job! :)

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