Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh there you are, Peter

You know those things in life that it seems like we can't live without?  Things that just make us feel complete, like we are home, like we're doing what we were created to do.  For everyone I would assume there is at least one thing that feels like breathing to them; something that, if they've been missing it for too long, feels so refreshing once they return to it.  For me, there are at least seventeen of those, activities I must daily partake in or I will go crazy.  (Obviously we all now know why I'm crazy, because it's impossible to fit in that many activities in one day in addition to normal adult responsibilities like laundry and working and whatnot.)

Today it was a George Strait song.  I hadn't listened to music for awhile, and I put an old CD in my car and thought, yes, this is what I needed.  Truth is, if I go to long without music - listening to it, singing, playing my guitar, or creating it - I feel a bit hollow.  The same goes for reading and writing.  When I'm not doing it very often, I feel okay, and it's not completely obvious to me why I don't quite feel right.  But when I return to it and make it more of a priority, it all makes sense. I realize what's been missing and that I must always return to it.  And then I wonder why I let silly things get in the way, like facebook and television and non-essential, day-wasting activities.

Reading my Bible and praying is non-negotiable.  From the time I was about nineteen years old, I started making this a habit, and you better believe I feel it when I slack on this one.  (You all probably feel it too, you just don't know it.  If Kim is crabby, impatient, or pessimistic, maybe remind her to bust out the Bible or her stack of verses.)  Exercise is a big one, too.  I tweaked my knee about a month and a half ago and haven't been able to run since.  Poor Sam doesn't realize it, but he has no idea what a happy, nice wife he'll have once her stupid knee gets better.  (Or once I figure out I can do something else, like Pilates.)

As I was thinking about this, I wondered what activities everyone else would say they really need to be more at peace.  For some people it's cooking, for some it's gardening, for some it's taking pictures.  Often it isn't something that's completely necessary - it's more of a hobby, something we wish we could get paid to do, something that makes us lose track of time.  And, unfortunately, it's often something that gets pushed to the back burner when life gets in the way.  Can't paint that picture today, gotta pay the bills and do the dishes.

Maybe you all have your lives together and are great at making priorities and doing the things that are important to you.  Or maybe you don't have any of those hobbies.  If you don't, I highly suggest you find something.  And if you do have something like that but have been ignoring those urges or have been putting it off until a day when you have more time, I am encouraging you to do it today.  You'll suddenly realize what you've been missing and you'll be so glad you took the time to create or learn.  And maybe we'll all be just a little bit happier with ourselves and each other.

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