Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hey people...haven't written in a little while because we have no internet at our house yet...so I walk to Starbucks to come get online.  And the connection isn't great and the people watching is too tempting, so I get distracted.  I am still trying to find a place for everything in our home, so it's still not quite yet "photo ready".  I do plan to put up some pictures for you who are curious as soon as possible!  (Though we'd rather have you all come visit in person.)

Anyway, apparently the downtown Starbucks is the place for moms with young children to come congregate after their mornings at the gym.  It's pretty hilarious to watch all the small children interact.  And shoot, if all that moms do is go to the gym then sit at Starbucks with their friends, maybe I could do that whole mom thing!  (Kidding....please don't take offense, moms!  I know you work hard...harder than I care to work right now.)

Seriously though...has anyone discovered the perfect job?  As I job search, I find that I'm quickly turned off to lots of things...for example, I do not want to work nights or weekends.  I don't want to do any type of sales, because I happen to hate it when salespeople try to coerce me into buying things I don't need, so I think it would be hypocritical to do that to others.  I want to set my own schedule and have all the time off I want on holidays.  And I want to have all the time and energy I need to learn how to be an amazing cook, keep a clean house, and learn how to sew.

Yes...I'm feeling lazy today.  Really I'd just be happy with a job where I don't have to clean hot dog bins, wear a hair net, and work nights.  And where I can sit and write all day and read wonderful books.  OH!!!  I could be a publisher!  If anyone hears of any publishing companies hiring people with no degrees who want to work from home, let me know. ;)

Very much looking forward to the holidays.  We've had one of our three "Friendsgivings" so far...looking forward to the other two.  Looking forward to seeing family for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I always wish I could stop time during the holidays and just stay hanging out with family and not working and drinking hot chocolate and eating cinnamon rolls.

Ok, the kids running around are getting loud and I think it's about time I move along to more unpacking.  Everyone have a great Tuesday, because God has blessed us with one more day!


  1. Oh! Be a teacher! You don't work nights or weekends or holidays or summers and you get oodles of time off at Christmas! Plus you're done early in the afternoon so there is plenty of time to cook and sew (or as I assume). Just don't be an elementary school teacher - they work twice as hard as high school teachers. I remember trying to find the perfect job as I was graduating. I don't think it exists. Jobs are jobs and some are better than others, but I don't think any have all perks and no drawbacks. Good luck though, Kimmy!

  2. (From Heather.........I think it says from Jeff lol) I'm sorry Kim, that's hard. Whatever you do.........DONT go back to Starbucks. I've been back there for 2 weeks and I already want to quit. In fact, I may do it by the end of the week. haha Its super depressing to have my BA and be back to minimum wage! I feel like we go through such similar things & feelings in life which makes me very happy to have you as my friend :) You are not alone, Kim! I will be praying that you can find something soon. love ya!

  3. So I know you don't really want to be a teacher but have you thought about subbing while you're in school? Or do you need a BA to sub up there? I know you don't down here and it's about $100/day and you can work whenver you want or don't want. Just a thought. No weekends, no nights, no nothing. Just putting up with probably rotten kids for a few hours :)


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