Friday, December 31, 2010

Blessings Abound

Sam and I had a great time away for Christmas!  Time with the Swensons was really fun (as always) and we wish we didn't all live in different states so that we could see them more often.  We had a lot of fun with Wyatt especially, who entertained us all with his growling and happy disposition.  I, personally, am also rather thankful for Sara's cute curly brown hair!  Now I'm not the only one without straight blond hair.  :)  We got to have a big family portrait session with Tim and Shayne, so we're excited to see how those pictures turned out.  Most likely we got some ridiculous ones, which is awesome.  I'll put up some of those once we get to see them.

We were blessed to be able to head to Porterville to surprise my family on Monday, when they celebrated Christmas a few days late.  It was the only day the Wuth side was all together, so it was precious for me to be able to watch the nieces and nephew open their gifts.  Monday was also the day Sean proposed to Joni, so we got to be there to celebrate that as well!  I'm so grateful for the way it worked out.  Mischy (as I call Joni) will make a beautiful bride!  Here are a few pictures from the time in Porterville, stolen from Mike & Kristy's camera.

Speaking of ever-expanding families, Sam's Christmas gift to me this year was two adorable kittens!  We got them Wednesday evening, and have been acting like new parents ever since.  Don't worry, I'm not delusional and don't think kitties are the same as babies, but this is as close as we're getting to being actual parents for awhile!  We have so much fun watching them play together, and every time they do something cute we take a picture.  Sam's allergies have even seemed to decrease, most likely because they are too cute to be allergic to.  Here are Willow and Madmartigan (Morty for short) who are brother and sister.  They'll be 4 months old tomorrow (they share your birthday, Kris) and they are precious!

Could this be any cuter?

Their new favorite spot - a sunny windowsill.  That's Morty looking at the camera.

Willow loves when Morty snuggles her

They're best buds :)
I hope that 2010 has been a wonderful year for you, and that 2011 is even better!  I personally am looking forward to a less-eventful year.  2010 was amazing for me!  But I'm ready for some routine and normal life. :)  No more moving, no more wedding planning, no more starting new jobs.  Just living the simple life!

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  1. I love the new pictures of the kitties! They are so cute that they snuggle together and share the window sill. I wonder what they'll do when they're too big to fit in those places together.


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