Thursday, December 16, 2010

In Honor of the Birthday Girl

I apparently haven't done so well in my desire to write about one friend a week.  On second thought, the first time was about three people, so that counts, right?  Today I'm writing about my dear friend, Elise, who celebrates her birthday this week.  Happy birthday, Elise!  And thanks for being my friend.

Elise and I were thrown together almost two years ago when we started dating two guys who were good friends.  But she lived in Seattle and I lived in Porterville, so we only saw each other on weekends when we both happened to be visiting.  I remember the first time I thought I might be friends with Elise.  It was Superbowl weekend and she was wearing a really cute hat.  I know that sounds silly, but it looked like a hat I would wear, so I thought we probably had a lot in common.  (Don't judge my thoughts...because I was right!)

I love how purposeful Elise is about being a friend.  She is so great about inviting me to do things and really puts the time and effort in to let me know she cares about me.  I want to be a friend like her, because I know sometimes I can get lazy and just wait for people to call me.  She inspires me to be a dedicated friend.

A month before I got married, Sam moved down to LA county.  I was pretty sad to be away from my fiance for the last month before our wedding, even though I was pretty busy with work and wedding preparations.  Elise was so great about making sure to call me and hang out and make me feel included.  I doubt she even realizes how much it meant to me, but sometimes her calls came at just the right time when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed or sad.

Another thing I admire about Elise is how hopeful she is.  She and I are very much alike - we can be a little emotional.  But, unlike me, Elise is quick to think logically about her situation and change her thoughts into hopeful ones, rather than focusing on anything negative.  She has called me with bad news before, but she always follows the bad news with a comment like, "but I know it'll all work out because God is in control," or some such thing.  I'm always humbled by her optimism and trust.

I love how much she and I have in common - we have the same sense of humor, enjoy the same music (I found a fellow country fan in Sonoma county!), and even have the same silly arguments with our significant others.  But the ways in which Elise and I differ are definitely in her favor.  I am so glad we were thrown together, because I know there are a lot of great things I can learn from her.

Below is a picture of us.  Thanks for being so awesome, friend!

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  1. Love it! Happy Birthday Elise! =) Glad you have such great friends to share your life with! Excited to hear about many more to come!

    Love you!



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