Monday, January 10, 2011

Thanking God for the Swensons

Too many thoughts right now to be able to write anything coherent.  All about my Swenson family and wonderful Sara.  I'll just say how thankful Sam and I are that we moved back up to be close to SF and that we were able to spend the day with Sara, Noreen, and Woody.  And that any and all prayers are very much appreciated.  I'll also include some of the pictures I promised from when we were all in Fallon for Christmas.  The pictures are taken by my uncle Tim.  And in them you can see how lucky I am to have joined such an amazing family.  The pictures can't even capture how much joy, love, and strength is present when everyone is together.  It's indeed a gift from God.
the girls

the boys

Sara, Sam, Heidi, & Kari...Sam loves his sisters so much


  1. I know this has probably been said to you guys a million times over, but we are praying for you every single time you guys come to mind- which is a lot!! Yesterday I was praying for Sara on my run, randomly today as I watched Rusty and Ashley Joy tear apart my living room, as I read Noreen's blog, and as I read your mom's prayer request on facebook. I wish I had some revelation-type quote I could pass along that could make the load more bearable for the Swenson family, and I don't have it. I doubt anybody does. I am so thankful there is a bigger picture we are not seeing, because everything can appear so bleak in our little minds. I am praying you guys will witness at least a tinge of what God sees in the big picture, so that your hearts will feel peace in whatever comes. I love you guys! Let us carry some of the load- in whatever way you need!

  2. Whoa, Becca said what I was thinking and that is how much we are praying for you all throughout the day! Constantly praying for a miracle! Love the pictures


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