Saturday, April 9, 2011

Goodie Bars

Read this post only if you:
  1. Love sugar
  2. Love peanut butter
  3. Love honey
  4. Are looking for a new recipe for something yummy
  5. Are lazy and want something with only four ingredients
Do not read this post if you...
  1. Are trying to be healthy
  2. Are looking for fancy recipes
I really just want to warn you again, you people who are fancy.  I am not.  Do not expect from me that which I cannot give you.  The only reason I'm sharing this recipe is because I've been asked for it multiple times.

I'm going to a bridal shower tomorrow (Sam and I have been invited to 11 wedding celebrations so far this year...eleven) and I was asked to bring something to share along with the recipe.  This just happens to be my "go-to" recipe.  It's super easy, and I've made it so many times I have it memorized.  And I usually have all the ingredients already in my cupboard.  Following you will find the steps necessary in order for you to enjoy your own delightful Goodie Bars.

Step 1: Pour 2 2/3 cups of sugar and 1 cup of honey into a large pot.  (I told you there was a lot of sugar.)  Stir together and bring to a slight boil.  This is what it should look like:
 Step 2: Remove from heat.  Add 2 2/3 cups of peanut butter.  (If you're weird and like crunchy, you can use crunchy, but I prefer smooth & creamy.)  I love this little guy from Pampered Chef.  He makes adding things like peanut butter and honey easy.

Step 3: Stir in 9 cups of corn flakes.  I recommend doing this a few cups at a time because it gets pretty hard to stir.  (This is where you work in your exercise for the day - stirring the cereal into your sugar.)
Step 4: Pour into 9x13 dish.  Flatten with waxed paper.
Step 5: Lick the spoon and pan (most important step).
Step 6: Allow goodie bars to cool.  Then cut into small bars.  They're pretty rich, so they don't need to be very big at all.  And you're done.
Warning: Do not allow kitty near goodie bars unsupervised:
If desperate, kitty will call in reinforcements who are taller:



  1. Ahaha! The kitties!! How cute :)

  2. YUM! I'm not fancy either, so this is a PERFECT recipe for me. I'll have to try it.

    Also, I just read your "who" tab...and I feel like the worst sister-in-law ever! I've called you Kim since the day I met you and had no idea you didn't like it. I'm sorry. I blame it on Sam for not telling me otherwise. From now on, you'll be Kimmy. :)

  3. Oh, this makes me want a whole pyrex full of goody bars. That would be very bad for me right now. And freakishly, the few times I've tried to make it here it NEVER turns out right. It's probably a sign that I'm not supposed to make them. Boo. Anyway, I think it's hilarious that your kitties know what's good!
    I like that Pampered Chef measuring cup also. I was at a party recently and we had to name our favorite PC tool. I said that one and felt like people were thinking, "seriously"? Glad to know I'm not alone in making things with gooey ingredients where that thing comes in most handy.

  4. Kari - don't worry about it! I'm totally used to it! And Sam used to introduce me as Kim all the time, so it's ok. It was more when I'd introduce myself as Kimberly and people immediately shortened it to Kim that bugged me.

    Kris - I can't figure out what it is you're doing wrong, unless maybe you're boiling the sugar for too long or not adding the PB soon enough - maybe the sugar starts to harden again or something. But yeah, the kitties were funny. :)

  5. They were delicious! Your kitties are SO funny, that's awesome you caught that on film!

  6. Oh no! I've been calling you Kim all these years! Kimberly, it is :) I'm going to buy some corn flakes and try these little babies out, they look delicious! -Heather

  7. haha...heather, enjoy the goodie bars! and i thought you called me kimber lyann? ;)

  8. I started my blog! I miss you! You need to help me add fun things to it! LOVE YOU


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