Tuesday, April 5, 2011

it's still light outside! love that.

I had an absolutely amazing weekend...Marcela and JulieAnn came to Sonoma County!  I need these sporadic visits in order to maintain sanity.  These ladies have known me and loved me for years and years, and have seen me through some of my worst times (times when I'm quite certain I was unlovable).  Each conversation inspires me, each shred of wisdom they share motivates me, each laugh is genuine and familiar, and each memory keeps me going when they go back home and I have to face hard times again.  To put it briefly, I love them!

Marc & JA were both stoked on budgeting and have accomplished some incredible things through being wise with money.  They inspired me, so tonight Sam and I are starting a plan of being more intentional with a budget.  Yay!  (I used to be an accounting major, so this stuff is actually really fun for me.)  I'm going to start by using Mint.com.  Let me know if anyone out there has any tips or advice on setting up a good budget!

I have tons of pictures to share from the weekend as well, but they'll have to wait for a later post.  Our computer decided to die on Sunday night (which was perfect because I had a paper due today and lost all my notes on the dead computer), so we bought a new computer today.  Thank you student loan, this is exactly why I needed you.  Needless to say, I haven't figured it out yet so Sam has to help me download the photos.  Just warning you, people - there are a lot!  I had way too much fun playing with the new camera I bought myself - er, Sam for his birthday.

P.S. I feel summer coming...that's another reason I'm so giddy. :)

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  1. We use Mint.com and LOVE it!! It's so convenient and you can run some helpful reports off of it too. Good luck with your budgets!! :)

    We also use ING Direct for our high interest savings account. If you and Sam are ever interested in using it let me know because we get a $25 bonus if we refer you to it ;)


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