Tuesday, April 26, 2011


If you love kitties, go see African Cats.  If you love animals, go see African Cats.  If you are a mother or have a mother, go see African Cats.  I know the mother part sounds weird, but this movie is really centered on the relationship between the mama cats and their cubs.  These mothers will do anything to protect their babies, even chase away male lions from opposing prides.  And also, they are cute.  Unfortunately, Sam has repeatedly denied my request to get my own large cat (lion, tiger, panther, cougar, I'd love any of them), so until I change his mind I have to be content with normal house cats.  When I told him that we should just move to Africa so that I could have access to the cats...he said they would eat me.

Here's the trailer.

You will not regret it!  But bring some tissues.  And be prepared for lots of cuteness.

1 comment:

  1. Lucifer you mean old thing! LOL Just imagine Starbucks, me mopping and you jumping all over the clean floor...yes lovely....


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