Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sleeptalking Episode - For Erin

Erin is my cousin.  She really likes sleeptalking stories.  I thought others might enjoy it as well.

The other night, Sam and I were supposed to go out with friends, but I wasn't feeling well.  So I went to bed around 9pm and he went out for a little while.  When he came home, apparently I opened my eyes.

Sam: "I'm sorry, did I wake you up?"

Me: "No, my thoughts did."

Sam, starting to chuckle: "Your thoughts?  What were you thinking about?"

Me: "I'm trying to figure out where Jim is going to sleep."

Sam: "Jim?"

Me: "Yeah, from The Office.  He's coming to visit."

Sam, trying not to laugh: "Oh, when is Jim coming?"

Me, waking up and realizing what I've been saying: "Jim isn't coming, he isn't real.  It's just a TV show!"

Sam: "But he's coming to visit?"

Me, trying to recover and appear that I wasn't talking in my sleep: "Stop trying to make me sound dumb, I know he's not real!"

Sam, laughing: "Okay, honey, go back to sleep."

Me, still trying to recover: "I wasn't sleeping!  I was awake!"

(Just to clarify, that's the character Jim from the TV show The Office.  We told this story to friends who had never seen the show and they were a little concerned I was talking about a guy from the office coming over to sleep.  Apparently I've been watching The Office a little too much on Netflix...)


  1. Oh this is fabulous! I do this all the time and it drives me nuts because I feel so stupid. Sometimes I will lay my head down and be having a very engaging conversation with Robert and I will somehow fall asleep and then say something so off the wall...he thinks it's funny, unless he is trying to talk about something serious...then it is not so funny! =) BTW - Jim from the office should totally come visit you...he would love you!

  2. You and your brother are two of a kind. Although when T.J. talks in his sleep, he rattles of technical terms, and I have no clue what they mean!


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