Saturday, June 11, 2011

Porterville is...

I'm moving soon...very far from Porterville.  Porterville and I have had our differences, but when you're making the long five hour drive to visit, knowing you won't be seeing it as often, you start to look at it with a little more nostalgia.  And to be honest, Porterville and I like each other more when we don't hang out that much - absence makes the heart grow fonder, you know.  And yes, I'm aware that I'm personifying a town, but after five hours in a car alone I tend to lose my mind a bit.

This is what I was thinking while I was driving, and what I've been thinking all weekend.  Porterville is:

  • Hot, hot summers
  • Driving with the windows down...until it gets too ridiculously hot
  • Country just feels right to listen to country when I'm driving back to the valley
  • The city pool, red lifeguard swimsuits, and fun friends
  • Driving around with friends, videotaping yourselves TPing houses
  • Stopping in the church parking lot at night for a spontaneous dance party with the NBTC
  • Starbucks on Henderson
  • Walking around Veteran's Park with friends, seeing numerous people you know drive by
  • Huge Veteran's Day parade...where you're usually sweating profusely in your band uniform, even though it's November
  • Monache Band - practicing for field shows in the fall, hearing the drummers and being reminded of those awesome times
  • a music-loving town - thanks to Buck Shaffer and Dale Anderson
  • Lyon's restaurant after band concerts, dances, and plays...until it closed...
  • then Perko's for Hogs Trough, after band concerts and dances
  • El Tapatio...and mole sauce
  • Foggy in the winter!
  • Henderson Ave. Baptist Church, which was my second home and family growing up and now feels so distant and cold, almost like a friend that died
  • Waking up in the summer to sun streaming in my window and the fan on high and loving how hot it already was outside
  • a cute Main Street
  • houseboats on Lake Success, water skiing, and swimming across it for hell week in water polo
  • riding my pink beach cruiser everywhere...and getting made fun of for it
  • fields and fields and fields
  • golden brown hills...everyone thinks they're ugly but I think they're romantic
  • football games and field shows
  • playing "Ditch-em" at Grandma's house
  • Riding the merry-go-round and playing football at Rockford on Thanksgiving
  • swimming at Dales and at the Webbs
  • friends I've known since birth and still adore and keep in touch with
  • my hometown
Porterville...I'm going far away, and I've never loved you more.  Thanks for being home.


  1. I sure do miss Porterville! I have such sweet memories of that tiny little town. Enjoy your visit!


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