Wednesday, July 13, 2011

f.a.m.i.l.y. (part II)

This is rather late, but I wanted to write a bit about my time with my family over the 4th of July holiday.  Sam & I got back from our time in Bodega Bay with his family and, after a couple hours at home, made the drive down to Porterville for a family reunion with my mom's side of the family.  Some pictures, of course:

This is almost half of the Roggie cousins.  Erin & Tereese didn't get the black/white/gray shirt memo.

And here we are with our spouses.

Me & my newest nephew, Nate.
Me & my sweet niece, Ashley Joy.

It was really great to be able to see everyone!  Erin & Seth even made it all the way from China, which was fun.  After the reunion we headed to Fresno with just my immediate family, where it was too hot to do anything but lay by the pool and read magazines.  Maybe that's why I like the heat so much - it justifies my lazy inclination to just lay by the pool all day. ;)

This is what the sun does to me.  Or it could be Joni.

I have no idea why I look so angry in the above picture, but I wanted to include it just for how awesome my dad looks in the background.  Like the Godfather or something.
Sam was the baby whisperer.  Whenever Nathan started crying, he held him and Nate relaxed.

Of course, Nathan also loves his own parents. :)

We also celebrated mine & Joni's birthdays (yes, another bday celebration - that's why getting married is fun, you get to celebrate with 2 families!) and here we are holding my mom's delicious peach pies.  You can't see it, but Joni has a "B" carved on hers for her future last name and I have an "S" on mine.
Here's the whole Wuth clan, including the newest little bean still growing in Becca's belly.  I like my family.  Below is a picture of my parents with their favorite people.
The rest are all just adorable pictures that will probably be boring for all of you, but that make me very happy.  It's easy to love being an aunt when you've got the most adorable nieces and nephews. :)

Samantha wearing my shoes...

Samantha thought Jill was too hairy, apparently...

Here's Nathan bonding with his second favorite aunt. ;)

She looks sweet and innocent...
...and then she splashes you.  It's ok, he probably deserved it. :)

Sorry, I know this post was pretty much all pictures.  We've been rather busy so my brain has been a little fried, meaning my inspiration is minimal.  As you can see, we're pretty worn out. :)


  1. LOL I love the Godfather picture. ;)

  2. Oh Kim....this gave me so many smiles! =) The last one actually made me laugh out loud....that is certainly a keeper....I love it!

    You're family is so precious and I love staying up-to-date on it all! Thanks so much for sharing your life with me...I can't wait to have nieces and nephews!! YAY!


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