Thursday, July 14, 2011

Home sweet home

Last Saturday morning, Sam, Uncle David, two kitties and I departed Petaluma around 6:15am.  We pulled in to our new home of Salem around 4:45pm.  Yes, it was a long drive, and yes, I was very grumpy.  Sam and I got about two hours of sleep the night before (thanks to a busted air mattress that deflated and a sick Kimberly) so I was completely exhausted.  Kitties did really well during the whole drive though - they both slept the whole way.

Unfortunately, once we got to our new apartment, the kitties started to freak out.  So did I.  I don't know if any of you knew I was going to be living in Salem or not, but if you did, why didn't you tell me?  That was mean of all of you to keep it a secret.  I, for one, didn't realize I'd be living in Salem until we actually opened the door to our new, empty apartment.  And that's when I started wondering why no one actually took the time to convince me that I'd actually be living in another state.  Thanks for the heads-up, everyone.

Seriously though, there's something hard about walking into an empty apartment and suddenly calling it home.  Fortunately I married a man who likes to unpack immediately, so we quickly started pulling out our things and it slowly began to feel like home.  By the end of the night the cats were in heaven and I was actually excited about Oregon again.  Morty and Willow like having a ton more space to run around and play do I.  I never realized how tiny our Petaluma apartment was until we got here and I was giddy about having counter tops and cupboards. 

Speaking of which, here are several things I will never take for granted ever again: a dishwasher, garbage disposal, indoor laundry, counters, and cupboards.  For those of you whose homes include these luxurious conveniences, I hope you realize how truly blessed you are.  We forget, living in this ridiculous country, how spoiled and rich we are in America.  So the next time you complain about having to do laundry or whine about not having enough money, remember that there are far worse conditions you could live in and that you're among the richest in the world.

Okay, let me get off my high horse...and...back to Salem.  I've started compiling a list of things that will take me a long time to get used to.  Here's what I have so far:

1. Having someone else pump my gas (I feel really awkward letting them do it for me.)
2. No sales tax (Wait, the price tag says $5.99 and it really is $5.99?!  Inconceivable!)
3. Overcast mornings do not necessarily mean I need to wear jeans and a sweatshirt (It's surprisingly warm even when it looks cold outside.  Yesterday I went to Sam's work in jeans and a sweatshirt and realized everyone else was in shorts and a t-shirt...and the California girl stuck out like a sore thumb.)
4. Overcast, rainy mornings might not translate into overcast rainy days (The past few days have started out as such, and then turn into beautiful sunny afternoons.)

But I can get used to anything.  Especially when I have this:

This is my beloved hammock chair.  Poor thing went into storage for the past three years, and my loving husband pulled it out for me and hung it on our back porch.  Thanks, husband.  Dear hammock chair, you, me, the Bible, and tea will have lots of dates from now on.  I promise.

Speaking of our porch, here's a couple pictures:
Sam's garden, not mine.  I have an aversion to growing plants.
And that's what I looked like on my 26th birthday.  That's the only picture you're getting of our place.  For those that want to see it, you have to come visit. :)  This is what I resort to to get people to come see me.  (Sneaky, aren't I?)


  1. I'm coming! As soon as I get money I'm coming!

  2. They pump your gas??? That's so strange! I love your cute little porch & yard! :) I'm so happy for you guys & that you get to spread out and relax in your new place. love, Heather

  3. You looked adorable on your birthday!!!

    Okay, some places in Salem that you should try as soon as you get a chance -
    1. Wild Pear Restaurant downtown on State Street
    2. Old Spaghetti Warehouse downtown on Commercial Street
    3. Boone's Treasury or Thompson's Public House (assuming Sam likes microbrews. I personally think beer tastes gross, but these places are good food and super cute buildings in addition to the fancy beer).
    4. Governor's Cup downtown on Court Street (this is where you'll be meeting up with me next time I'm in Salem :)

    Also, do you need a hairdresser? Mine is amazing and she's out in South Salem. Let me know if you want her contact info.

    And dude, who wants to get our of her car in the rain and smell like gasoline all day? It's freaking AWESOME that we don't have to pump our own gas here in Oregon!!! And no sales tax is awesome and the rain and the clouds, well, I'll just stop while I'm ahead ;)

  4. Look at how much you've learned already and in such a short time. ;)

    Totally agree with Janna's #1, 2 & 4. I don't know #3 so I can't comment on that, but Wild Pear - amazing! By far my favorite restaurant...unfortunately, they're only open until 5, otherwise I would've recommended it for your birthday dinner. Old Spaghetti Warehouse is where we had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding, so love that place too.

    Good recommendations, Janna.

  5. The house looks adorable. :) Well, the little glimpse you gave us... I see how you're holding out on us!

  6. So glad you are settling in!! We'll come see you soon. Another place to try in Salem this summer is The Ram. You can sit out over the river - and we love that kind of thing in Oregon!
    Oh, also the library. I love to just go and browse - pick up a book or magazine and curl up in a chair and read for awhile to see if I really want to take that book home (course I don't have a hammock chair!)


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