Monday, July 25, 2011

A new look, and also, I'm ridiculous

I changed the background on my blog.  Maybe you noticed, maybe not.  But I've loved the combination of yellow and gray ever since I was seventeen.  During my freshman year down at Long Beach State, I decorated my bedroom in shades of yellow and gray, but at the time it was not the popular thing to do.  In fact, I could hardly find anything yellow, little gray, and absolutely nothing of the two combined.  I resorted to spray painting my dresser and picture frames, and my friend Marci made me a bulletin board with yellow ribbons and gray stars.

Can I just say that now whenever I see things in stores that use these lovely colors, I feel a little bitter?  Why did it take so long for the decorating world to catch on?  Why couldn't people have realized the beauty of these colors in 2003 when I was looking for bedspreads and curtains?

Here's my current favorite yellow & gray piece.  It's an apron.  From Bree.  And yes, my chalkboard says, "Don't forget to make today awesome."

:)  I'm not really bitter.  I just like to tell Sam that I'm way ahead of the game, and that the things I like now will probably be popular in nine years.  And he rolls his eyes.  Like good husbands of ridiculous women should do.


  1. I like this post. It's sassy. ;)

  2. sometimes the sassy in me escapes, what can i say...


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