Thursday, July 28, 2011


One of my favorite writers of two of my favorite books is Shauna Niequist.  I cannot express how much I adore both Cold Tangerines and Bittersweet, and I am anxiously awaiting her third book which is set to be released next year.  If you're looking for lovely summer reading, go buy these books.  (In case any boys read my blog, I admit that they appeal more toward women...not that men wouldn't enjoy them, just probably not as much.)

Last night I was reading Shauna's blog and I found an old post about the Enneagram.  Have any of you heard of this?  Apparently it's a sort of personality classification system with roots in Catholicism.  Of course I was intrigued, so around 11:30pm, while the husband played a video game, I carefully read the nine different descriptions of personalities, determined to discover which category I fell into.  I was fascinated. 

If you're curious about which personality type you are, click here and read all about it.  It's also helpful if you can determine which category your close friends and family are so that you can better understand them.  Love this thing.  I'm a believer.

Once I started reading the description of #4, I actually said, "Whoa."  It was so right on!  Except the part about crying easily - I don't cry easily.  I read it to Sam without telling him what I was doing and he said, "This sounds like you."  He confirmed it again when I read the part about 4s being "stubborn and moody".  Hmm.  4s are also rather envious, so maybe I'm not a 4 after all.  I'm never envious. 

I wonder if 4s are also sarcastic and refuse to admit their faults?

As for me, I'm checking out an Enneagram book the next time I go to the library.  Yes I am.


  1. Glad you enjoy the books =) Just lent both of mine out for others to enjoy, but I definitely made a reminder in my calendar to get the back! haha....those will be keepers for sure! And no idea she had a third book coming out....YAY!

    I read the first part of #3 and was lika "whoa!" The more I read, I definitely don't match all of it, so I think I need to read through them all and pick and choose what I like best...that's legal, right? Or insane...or just me!

    Miss you and loved the clouds last night (the ones you posted!). Also, please post your thoughts even when you hate them....because I appreciate when people have a hard time formulating thoughts and making the sentence "perfect", because mind never are and it feels good to know I'm not alone. And truthfully, I would probably still think your worst sentences are genius!!

    You like to make lists, charts and goals for yourself. You have an optimistic attitude and go full force until the job gets done. You also do everything quickly. Illness barely slows you down. You can’t understand people who are bored; there is always something to do. Financial security is very important to you. You compare yourself to people who do things better than you but recover quickly from setbacks and charge ahead to the next challenge. You receive personal criticism fairly well. -- this is me to a T...oh dear...

  2. This is really cool, Kim! I'm a 1 AND 5 :) Jeff is probably a mix too, but mostly a 6-peacemaker. What is Sam? Thanks for sharing!

  3. The things that were in #5 that apply to me are: "You get tired when you are with people for too long. You are most likely an introvert and a home-body. You can come across as cold, yet have an intense, inner emotional life. Unlike a four, you avoid drawing attention to yourself. You hate the words, “share” or “communicate."............." Besides that, I'm mostly a 1 :)

  4. Hey! I just thought you should know that the Enneagram stuff doesn't actually have roots in Catholicism. It does have some connections over the years as apparently some seminaries/monasteries have used it over the years at various points, but I did a little research and it seems to stem from a group called the Sufis. anyway, should you care to read some of the research my hubby is always pulling out of nowhere, here is a link about it I did find the personality "quiz" intriguing though. I had a hard time classifying myself into just one group. When I did the "4 temperaments quiz" way back when I was a mix of choleric/sanguine, but this one is hard for me to pinpoint because there's so many and I feel like I have things out of almost all of them! ha.

  5. oh interesting, laura! we'll have to tell shauna - i got all my info from her blog and didn't research it at all. and yes - i don't think anyone is just one...we probably have bits and pieces of all of them. :)

  6. I posted something on her blog about it, but was disappointed to find that she had apparently deleted my comment without acknowledging my research. oh well...


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