Thursday, September 15, 2011

Coffee, Bree, Coffee, Seattle, and Coffee

I planned a very impromptu trip to Seattle earlier this week to see Bree.  We hadn't seen each other in about a year, so, understandably, I was pretty grouchy and she was really serious.  We realized we had better see each other soon in order to rectify that.  She helps me be happy and I help her be loud and obnoxious.  It's a give and take sort of friendship.

I worked at Starbucks for eight hours Monday morning (leaving the house by a quarter till 5), and once I got off my shift around 1:30, I made the four-hour drive to Bree's place.  We went for dinner at a really yummy Thai place and I ate way too much yellow curry.  Although really, can anyone ever eat "too much" curry?  Doubtful.

The next day Bree and I got sushi, went to Pike Place Market, walked by the waterfront, explored downtown, and walked around Ballard, Bree's neighborhood.  I had no idea Seattle had so many fun names for all the neighborhoods.  (Salem does too, although we're less creative with it - we call them "West Salem" and "South Salem" and the like.)  Some photos, which aren't the greatest since they are from my phone:

Clearly excited to be at the original Starbucks.  I even bought a mug.  Yep, nerd.  And of course we got a picture of us drinking our delicious beverages.

The Seattle Art Museum (or "SAM") where Bree works.
Another view of the museum.  And below we are frolicking, laughing, and posing in the secret garden we found.

 Above, Bree sipping her cappuccino.  Below, my almond latte and gluten-free berry tea cake, all from Caffe Fiore.
Pike Place Market!
Stuffing our faces with yummy sushi.
And here we are, in the obligatory tourist photo with the Space Needle behind us.

I had such a blast with Bree but was sad it was such a quick trip.  We both had to work on Wednesday, so I was literally only there for dinner Monday night and then all day Tuesday, then I left Wednesday morning.  Next time I'm bringing the husband and we'll visit my family that lives up there (talking to you, Jim & Rhona!) and see more of this lovely city.

So thankful to be able to hang out with one of my favorite people.  I'm realizing more and more lately how blessed I am with the friends I have.  Just wished more of them lived in Salem.  (Hint: that's an invitation for you friends to move here and/or visit me.  I can promise free coffee and lots of kitty cuddle time.  And Kimmy cuddle time.)


  1. I vote for the Kimmy cuddle time over the kitty cuddle time ! =)

    Such a fun, impromptu trip - I love it! I have no idea you were only 4 hours away from one another....that's fabulous!! I've always wanted to visit seattle and haven't been.

    So glad you got to go see Bree and drink such beautiful coffee! And the mug was well worth it...such a great souvenir!

    Miss you and glad Sam has you back at home!


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