Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sewing, Singing, Shaving

Lately my days have been full of working, watching the Office while cleaning, eating candy corn (shhh, I know it's not Halloween yet but it's already in the stores, people), and reading.  I've been slightly lazy and low on energy, but guess what?  I found someone to teach me to sew!  Jay and Sheena came over for pizza and wine Sunday night and I randomly asked Sheena if she'd teach me to sew.  She promptly went out to her car where she collected mounds of fabric that she just happened to have in her trunk.  And sew we did.  Two pillowcases and the cutest apron ever later (refashioned from a thrifted bed skirt), and I was hooked.  Monday I went and bought thread, fancy scissors (now I know why we were never allowed to touch my mom's sewing scissors), and pins.  My planned projects: hem my work pants, make some pillow covers for our ugly couch pillows, and hem the $5 jeans I bought at Burlington today.  I'll still need lots of instruction and practice, but I'm excited to be crossing one of my resolutions off my list.

On another note, tonight Sam and I watched The Sing-Off, which we love because we both love to sing and listen to pretty voices harmonize.  (In fact, my proposed name for one of our daughters is Harmony - he hasn't given in.  Yet.)  Tonight Sam proclaimed it to be his favorite show, and I decided we should develop our own acapella group.  While we watched, he was sitting on the couch and I was laying on it with my legs draped over his lap.  At one point he started furiously moving his forearm up and down my shin, and I asked what he was doing.  He said he had an itch and he was using my leg hair to scratch it.

Okay, so perhaps my lazy days should come to an end.

Goals for tomorrow: shave legs, sew, and make Sam sing acapella with me. 

And probably eat more candy corn.


  1. haha - that is hysterical!!! I'm totally laughing at my kitchen table - too funny!! I had no idea where the couch story was going to go...!!

    SO FUN for sewing....I'm jealous because I have 2 work pants and one pair of jeans I need hemmed and not the slightest clue how to do it...but I don't want to pay the money to get it done either. grrr. Maybe you can teach me next time we are together. I did learn in high school - made a pair of boxer shorts and wore them often, but I have since lost my sewing skill =(

    Glad your days are lazy and enjoyable!!

  2. Okay, the sewing and singing stuff if interesting, but the shaving, TMI!!!

  3. Hahaha, sorry Dad. And JulieAnn, yes! We will learn together, because I'm in no position to teach you yet. :)


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