Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Wonderfulness of Today

These are some simple things that made me happy today:

1. Sleeping until 8am.  The last couple weeks have been lots of 4am wake-up calls, so it was glorious to sleep longer than the sun.

2. Having this guy cuddle up on my lap.

3. Seeing this girl jealous of the kitty on my lap.

4. When my Pandora account played The Circle of Life from the Lion King, followed by The Phantom of the Opera, followed by On My Own from Les Mis.  (My Pandora station is "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" so there is a lot of Broadway.  And no, it's not lame, it's actually super cool.)

5. Catching up with Tiffany and learning she's having another girl (yay!)

6. Finding inexpensive gluten-free macaroni & cheese, and then eating it.

7. Finding inexpensive gluten-free oats, and knowing I get to eat oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow (score!)

8. Finding a very simple recipe for barbeque chicken and enjoying the aroma all afternoon as it slow-cooks.

9. Knowing that the husband gets off early tonight so we'll actually get to have dinner together!  This is a rarity, so I'm enjoying it.

And it's only 5:30.  Plenty of time for a lot more moments of bliss.  Thanking God for the little blessings.


  1. SO GOOD!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, and Robert said we could "start over" from last night -- woo hoo!!! The past is behind me =)

  2. good work! I didn't know you had a gluten problem...? bummer; that's hard to deal with from what I hear. we watched an episode of Portlandia the other night and it made me laugh (I know you're not in Portland, but I like to think that all Oregonians are total hippies who hug trees, so just bear with me). Anyway, it wasn't a great show, but it definitely had some funny humor making fun of some of your OR neighbors. My SIL is from Portland so I can't wait to tease her about it...

  3. This makes me happy. :) And I'm glad you're blogging more lately too!


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