Friday, December 23, 2011

And the sister is a Mrs. (Part I)

My sister got married on Monday.

I got to see some of my favorite people.

I had a Reese's McFlurry, a strawberry shake from In-N-Out, a peanut butter milkshake from Ruby's, and a Strawberries-n-cream tea latte from Coffee Bean all in the span of four days.

It was a great trip.

I will need to split this post into several posts, because there are so many pictures I want to share, and so much I want to say.  So we'll see how far I get before I get tired of typing and uploading pictures, and finish the rest later.  And since I'm fairly certain that most of the people that even read this blog were at the wedding, this might be totally pointless.  But, you know, we'll do it for posterity and everything.  And for JulieAnn.  Hey, JulieAnn.

Sam and I arrived in Long Beach Saturday afternoon, and when Joni and my mom picked us up from the airport, I threatened to start kicking people in the shins if I didn't get fed soon.  This was my way of being the supportive, helpful matron of honor for my sister.  So we picked up my dad and Sean and headed to Ruby's, a fun little fifties diner, where I quickly consumed the aforementioned peanut butter milkshake.  Then Sam and I were dropped off at Josh and Marci's, where we stayed for a couple nights.  Marci is one of the cutest people I know, and she has an adorable house that smells really yummy right when you walk in the door, and she scurried all over the house in her stockings like a little mouse and she was just too cute.  We were very grateful at their hospitality and had fun staying up late talking and laughing with them.  Unfortunately, no pictures.  All the pictures you'll see from this trip were either from my mom or Kristy, except the ones from my phone.  Our camera's battery was pretty much out the whole trip. 

Sunday was the rehearsal at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, which is a completely gorgeous venue.

Ashley and Nathan, showing each other love.
Kristy and I, rehearsing.  We really didn't need to rehearse much though; this was her third time being matron of honor and my fifth.  We're old pros.  Also Jason in the background, pretending to be secret service.
And Uncle Sam filling in as babysitter, since most of the parents were in the wedding, or are 9 months pregnant.  Good thing everyone loves Uncle Sam.

Next was the rehearsal brunch, where I discovered my niece loves taking self-portraits as much as I do.  She's a lot like me, which is probably why I like her so much.
Every time I tried to stop, she'd say, "Again!"  So this is what we got.  Her silly faces make me really proud.

Ashley loves my locket with Sara's picture in it, and every time I see her she begs me to open it so she can look at Sara.  She says how pretty Sara is and asks when she can see her.  It's very sweet.  So Ashley wanted Sara in the picture, too.
I love being an aunt.
And, of course, the happy couple.
The rest of Sunday was spent driving all over gathering supplies for the flowers, and putting together bouquets.  But I also made time for this little love bug.
This is me when I started putting the flowers together - perfectly serene.
And here's me towards the end.  I'm pretty sure I was not making this face on purpose.
At least the bride looks relaxed. :)  Here are the finished bouquets.  The big red and white one is Joni's.
And these pictures just make me happy.
These are my parents with their favorite people.
I just really like this picture of the Wuth men.
Monday - the big day!  Guess who is really good at tying bows and tulle onto chairs?
Joni, getting all bridal.
And here are some pre-wedding family pictures.
I promise you he loves me.
And I promise the three of us love each other.
How cute are these children?  Like, not even biased.  They're cute.
And, I'm spent.  Wedding and reception to follow!


  1. It really was a special weekend, wasn't it?

  2. Um...I read your blog too...and I wasn't at the wedding. Really great pictures! :)

  3. Hi Kimberly!! Wow....I saw your post and got excited and then I read it and said "hey, I made the blog!" SCORE! =)

    Two things make me really happy, actually more than two - so here they are:
    1) We stayed at Marci and Josh's before we left for HI and stayed in their guest bed. Hopefully they didn't wash the sheets and therefore I feel closer to you since you slept in the same bed as us just a few nights before! =)
    2) All your wonderful. Haven't tried the tea leaf drink...sounds divine!
    3) Your grown up family! I love how young my family is - it brings a different joy, but I can't wait for everyone to get older and have children and see our family expand like yours beautiful!
    4) Sam helping...such a good hubby!
    5) Picturing Marci look like a cute mouse...such a great way to describe her!
    6) That there are more pictures to come....these are awesome!

    Also, I finally finished the Harry Potter series and it was wonderful....but it took me until book 5 to really see how wonderful it was and then by book 7 I decided I wanted to name my first child Harry keep them on your list and read them!

    So happy you got to have such a happy four days full of smiles, hugs and celebration!


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