Friday, December 23, 2011

Part II

In my last post (this morning) I forgot to talk about my delightful Monday morning.  I had really wanted to write about it Monday, but of course I had no computer and, unfortunately, no notebook.  I already put a blank notebook in my bag to carry with me always - you never know when inspiration will strike.

I got up pretty early Monday because a.) I couldn't sleep and b.) it takes about seventeen hours for my hair to dry, so I wanted to wash it early.

Marci was up early for work, so I asked her to drop me off at the Starbucks in the historic downtown, since it's just down the street from her house.  I have noticed that I like to start big days by going by Starbucks, sometimes with others, but usually alone.  I enjoy the familiarity, the solitude, the warmth of the coffee, and knowing exactly what I'm getting.  I started my past two birthdays like that, as well as my own wedding day.  I sat for a bit, then leisurely walked back to Marci's house through the adorable neighborhood that reminded me a bit of Petaluma.  I wanted to stop and take pictures and just absorb everything, but I realized I will be back to visit Marci in February, so I can explore more then.

There's something incredibly charming about old neighborhoods.  If Sam and I ever buy a house, I would much prefer something such as this beauty I ran across, rather than a newer home:

In case you can't see the sign, it indicates that the house is 125 years old.  Amazing!  I'd love to live in a place with such character.  Speaking of buying a house, I walked past one that was for sale.  Thinking it would be fun to live near Marci, I took one of the information packets out front and learned that for only $329,000, Sam and I could own a 750 square foot home with two bedrooms and one bath.  Anyone want to give me $329,000?

And back to the wedding, and reality.  Here's Joni and my grandma.  You can see where we all get our good looks. :)
Ashley and Samantha were sweet flower girls.
 Joni was a stunning bride.

My dad did a great job officiating, and of course made me cry.

And some pictures from the gorgeous reception.  I love this picture of Joni:
T.J. with his beautiful daughter.
 Kristy and Mike with their cute son.
I almost made it through the toast without crying.  Fail.
The fun table.
Me and Marci.
I think we're dancing here.
Definitely dancing here.
 Apparently dancing with Rusty looked like fun, because as soon as I put him down, Samantha came over and wanted to dance with him.
They spent the next few minutes dancing together, super excited and completely cute.
It made my heart melt a lot.  When Ashley and Rusty left, Samantha kept trying to follow them and was saying their names, looking for them.  I love that they love each other.

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  1. sweetness...

    What if we buy the house together and then you and Sam get one bedroom and Robert and I get the other?!

    Looks like sooo much fun! =)


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