Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reasons I'm Happy

These are things that have made me happy in recent days:

A clean room, sun shining, two kitties.

My Christmas present from Sam - new running shoes.  Yes, I've already used them...we're both really bad at waiting until Christmas to give each other gifts.  Usually it's, "I got your Christmas present today!  Want to see it?  I'll show it to you.  Here, you should just use it."  He's already been wearing the sweatshirt I got him and listening to the Coldplay CD - both of which weren't even wrapped because I was too excited to give them to him.  Hoping these adorable Nikes will help inspire me to exercise more.

Someone put this sign on my box at work awhile ago.  (Apparently I should be washed in a dishwasher.)  Every time I walk by it it makes me smile.

There are a couple wonderful things coming up that make me really happy, too.  One of those is that Joni is getting married in two days, which means a fun celebration and time with my family.  Another is that very soon Becca will be giving me another niece or nephew.

Sam and I are headed to Portland soon to fly down to Long Beach for the festivities.  In case any of you remember my post about how not to fly, you should know that this time I'm much more prepared.  I have my ipod and headphones already in my purse, two interesting books (to save me from buying more silly magazines), and I threw a pair of slippers in my purse so that this time my feet don't freeze.  I also didn't under-pack - I'm pretty sure I brought way too much stuff.  And, best of all, I have my cute husband with me this time.

So excited for a weekend of family, friends, and fun celebrating love! 

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  1. YAHOOO!!! I can't wait to hear about the wedding!!!


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