Sunday, December 25, 2011

What I like, what I miss

These are the things I'm loving about Christmas this year, mine and Sam's first Christmas just the two of us:

Morty thinking he's a present again this year and sleeping under the tree.  (He was the present last year, silly kitty.)
 Sam's wrapping job.
Drinking coffee out of our new mugs (Thanks, Mom & Dad Swenson!)
Sam in his new jammies - there are penguins on the pants. :)  He's so cute.
Snuggling on the couch watching Home Alone, with kitties on our laps.

Listening to the NSYNC Christmas CD Heidi and Brady sent us, which I made Sam put on immediately upon opening.

Singing "No Longer a Baby" with Sam, one of my dad's many Christmas songs.  It reminds me of our first date, when Sam started singing it and I wondered how on earth he knew one of my dad's songs.

Of course, there are a lot of things I miss this Christmas.  We couldn't go to either of our parents' homes this year, so we're missing our families a lot.  I miss listening to the Sandy Patti record I used to blast every Christmas morning.  (Yes, I'm old, and not hip enough to call them "vinyls" so to me they're still "records".)  I miss my mom's coffee cake.  I miss Noreen's kringla.  (I particularly miss both of those things now that I couldn't have them even if I wanted.  Stupid gluten.)  I miss Christmas brunch with my family, and playing Crazy Rum with the Swensons.

But mostly we miss Sara.  It's decidedly bittersweet around here; remembering the past with joy yet  feeling sad about the present and future, knowing that we can't share them with her.  It seems fitting that Sam and I aren't having a "traditional" Christmas.  I don't think we're ready for that.

So today we'll eat tamales and go see a movie.  And we'll be grateful for the birth of Christ, and that by His coming and giving us hope and everlasting life, we can rest in the knowledge that Sara is rejoicing with her Savior. 

Merry Christmas.

(We're also hoping a certain Rebecca goes into labor and gives us another niece or nephew!  Becca, if baby is born today please name her/him Noel or Leon.  Sam thinks Yule would be a good boy's name, too.  Just throwing it out there.)


  1. We miss you too! Glad you're enjoying your Christmas together!

  2. You are so brave and you two are wonderful together. Loving your honesty and simplicity.


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