Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Conclusion

For those who are wondering, Sam and I completed our three-week vegan stint on January 21st, meaning it's been over a week since we have technically incorporated animal products a bit more into our diet.  Through this process, I learned it can be difficult to be allergic to gluten and try to eat a vegan diet.  Difficult, but not impossible.  I find that when I cook for myself, it's fairly simple, but eating out or having dinner at someone's home poses a bit of a problem.  I already feel like enough of a diva demanding my food be gluten-free, so it seems a bit much to request others comply with my dietary preferences.  Having said that, I am thankful more and more restaurants are becoming enlightened about how many people are allergic to gluten and are offering choices for people like me.  I do wish that there were more options offered that are free of gluten and animal products, but hey, maybe that just means I should eat at home more.  Or eat solely at Vita in Portland.  I'm okay with that.

I plan to continue to make vegan food when at home, and only when dining out will I consume possibly some dairy or eggs.  I'll also probably ease up on special occasions and holidays.  People keep asking what I eat if I can't have bread and avoid animal products.  Rice, beans, fruit, veggies, gluten-free pasta with tomato sauce, lots of soups, and salad are my favorites.  A favorite meal is sweet potato chili (thanks for the recipe, Janna!) with some gluten free, vegan cornbread.  So perfect for the cold, gray days we've been having in Oregon!  For snacks I really like salt and pepper popcorn (with no butter) and sliced cucumber with a masala dip I found at Trader Joe's that is rather tasty.  Really my diet just involves avoiding as many processed foods as I can. 

I will admit that on our first day of not being strictly vegan, I went to Limeberry twice and got frozen yogurt.  Yes, twice.  Once on my way home from work, and once with Sam.  It wasn't until I had my yogurt and we were on our way home that I admitted to Sam I had already gone once that day.  I'll probably need to focus a bit more on sorbet or other frozen fruit treats to satisfy my sweet tooth, because the day after I had all that frozen yogurt I was miserable.  Sam has also mentioned he doesn't feel as good physically as when we were eating strictly vegan.  Amazing what you discover about how you feel when you perform an experiment like this! 

At this point I have now said all I will say about the vegan subject unless specifically asked.  I'll probably share recipes I come across that I find particularly tasty, and if anyone is curious about anything I'm happy to answer questions, but I feel like I've said enough about this subject for now.  I had no idea what a controversial subject food is!

On a different note, I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of sweet Bree!  She's on her way to my house at this moment and I can't wait to hang out.  We're going to explore Salem together tomorrow (because, shamefully, I haven't done much of that yet), and then we plan to spend the day in Portland on Tuesday.  This will be the first time Bree will meet Morty and Willow.  I keep telling the cats, "You get to meet Aunt Bree soon!"  Don't bother telling me that they don't understand what I'm saying because I'm certain they do and I'm certain that when they meet Bree they will know exactly who she is. 

Amazing times and stories are sure to follow.

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  1. So you know I've been busy when I'm just getting to read both of your blog posts from this week!

    PLEASE POST RECIPES! I've been terrible eating with my super insane crazy schedule at the moment. No excuse, but that's my excuse! =) We can chat more about it in 2 weeks -- HOLY COW that's SOOON!!!



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