Monday, January 2, 2012

In Defense of Being Defensive

I often feel an intense need to defend my decisions and thoroughly explain myself.  The husband has experienced this problem a few times when I have found myself unnecessarily offended by a simple question or comment from him and I become disgruntled.  Sorry, husband.  I would normally analyze why I think I have this desire, but that would just lead to more explaining of myself and more justifications, so we'll try to avoid that cycle and just get to the point.

I admit I feel a bit defensive when it comes to explaining this whole vegan experiment because most people are utterly baffled as to why we would even try something like this.  I know it shouldn't bother me, but comments like, "Why would you do that?!" laced with obvious disapproval fill me with an urge to clarify our decision and convince the person that we are not, in fact, crazy, and that we're just trying to do what we think is best for us.  Sometimes I take it too far in the wrong direction, and my explanation results in what sounds like a sermon on why what we are doing is the better way.  I considered this after I read over my blog post, and I just wanted to apologize if I came across as obnoxious.  While I try to be honest in my writing, I also think it is important to be delicate in discussing my thoughts on certain subjects.  Sometimes those two ideas seem to be at odds with each other.

The truth is, over the past month or so, I've been fascinated reading about this subject, and I found myself thinking, "How have I never heard about all of this before?"  I wished I'd heard about it sooner, or that someone had told me about it.  I got a little zealous in my excitement in telling others, simply because I think it's at least something to consider and learn about.  I just wanted to share whatever information I could, especially if it helped others in their own well being.  But, as I said in my post, I'm not trying to force anything onto anyone.  My reason for discussing it on my blog is to share my experience and what I learn along the way.  I never want to judge those who make different decisions, just as I appreciate not being judged for my own choices.

Speaking of which, so far the eating plan is going really well!  I've learned several things.  First of all, I need to eat a lot more food than I'm used to because the calorie content is much lower in plant-based foods.  This is a good thing for me because I love to eat!  On Sunday night at work, I realized I hadn't brought quite enough food with me, and was hungry when I got home.  That's okay though - mistakes mean I'm learning!  Secondly, I am ever so thankful for my rice cooker, a lovely wedding present from Marci and Josh.  I made a huge batch of rice yesterday, which I've been able to add to recipes.  It's easy and quick and rice doesn't contain gluten, which makes it my new best friend.  Also, our rice cooker steams veggies while cooking the rice - major bonus.

Tonight for dinner I steamed some broccoli in my Pampered Chef Small Micro-Cooker and improvised a recipe based on my favorite, Broccoli with Garlic Butter and Cashews.  I had to leave out the butter, so I mixed some peanut butter with gluten-free soy sauce, a little white vinegar, and a little garlic.  (I would have added cashews but didn't have any and was feeling too lazy to go to the store.)  I threw the sauce over some rice and broccoli and had a very tasty meal.  Honestly, I could not believe how good it was, and I learned I don't need butter to make a yummy sauce!  Even better, it took less than ten minutes to prepare and clean up.

I know there is a myth that it is expensive to eat vegan, but rice, broccoli, and soy sauce are all very cheap.  Peanut butter is getting expensive, but I figure that's one food that most people, vegan or not, are willing to put up the cash for.  And if you aren't, you obviously don't love it as much as I do, which I think is strange, since peanut butter is awesome.

But again, no judgement.  :)


  1. You are funny and cute. I LOVE your vegan idea and have been bragging about it to all my friends in SB =)

    Also, we have it on our to-do list to watch the documentary and one of my resolutions is to learn more about food and my body...which has been completely inspired by your passion. So, don't give up being passionate because it has helped and inspired me!

    Miss you and Robert has been craving that broccoli and cashew dish again...seems like it is time I make it and use PB instead of butter too...nice variation!

  2. sorry if I've come across as one of those "why would you do that" people. i just have a love-love-LOVE relationship with dairy that i'm not willing to give up and a husband that's not willing to give up meat. I say "WAY TO GO" to both you and Sam. And even though we won't be joining you in this endeavor, i wouldn't mind trying some of your tasty dishes. :)

  3. That's amazing! I'm going to take your recipe idea and try it myself, because it's a cheap and easy way to make delicious, healthy food. (I don't care what I'm eating as long as it tastes good.)

    My boyfriend and I tried eating raw for 30 days. I'll admit it only lasted about 2 weeks, but it was really enlightening. (If you can, check out the doc "Food Matters" on Netflix.) I've also done the Master Cleanse and I made it about 7 days. I think the reason for doing any type of "extreme" diet has to come from your own desires and convictions, and having to defend yourself is ridiculous. NOBODY should have to defend themselves for any reason. We all do what we want and need to do.

    Anyway, just showing my love!!! Keep us posted!

  4. hey Kimmy, can you write a post that explains the whole Vegan thing a bit more clearly? Like what are you allowed to eat and not eat on a vegan diet? Is butter not vegan? and if so, what other substitutes for butter are there on a vegan diet that aren't peanut butter? I love peanut butter, but has too distinct a flavor for certain recipes which is why butter and oils are often used. Just my wonderings.

  5. julieann - i'm pretty sure you'd support me if i decided to eat lizards and walk around naked - you're just that supportive always. :) and i LOVE it!

    kari - ha! you can definitely enjoy any of our new dishes! and that's why we're only doing it for 3 weeks - because i'm pretty sure someday i'll want limeberry again...

    hillary - we watched food matters, too! it's what made us buy a juicer. :) thanks for showing the love! :)

    laura - yes, i would love to write a post explaining it a bit more! i'm still learning myself, and just getting all my info from some books i bought, but i'll research the butter thing for you.


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