Friday, February 24, 2012

Beach Trips & Tattoos

Marci, JulieAnn and I have been a trio for nearly ten years.  It occurred to me this past weekend, as we spent our third annual trip together, how things have changed.  We used to talk about which college to attend, which boys we thought were cute, and how excited we were to get our driver's licences.  Then it became who we wanted to marry, where we wanted to live, and what careers we wanted.  Now our discussions revolve around when we want to start having babies, which eye creams and anti-aging products are best (apparently JulieAnn and I are too late and should have started using such things by now), and things like budgets, investments, and 401ks.  It's odd to think that we've gotten this far, that these conversations are actually relevant to us, that we are, in society's eyes, "grown-ups".  When I look at my girls I see beautiful, accomplished women, yet sometimes I still see my two sixteen year-old friends who skipped drama class with me to go get ice cream cones at McDonald's.

I treasure these friendships for selfish reasons - I'm really the one who benefits most in this group.  JulieAnn is consistently joyful and positive and reminds me to always be excited about life.  Marci is an incredible listener, and remembers details about me and my family that I forgot I even told her.  She reminds me to stay connected to others, to invest in the lives of those I care about.  And both of them have been the best cheerleaders I could have ever asked for.  They are arguably my biggest fans, most likely because they have seen my highs and my lows.  I occasionally make them laugh with my sarcastic, cynical remarks, which I'm assuming is why they keep inviting me and letting me be their friend.

We had a relaxing weekend at Marci's home, where we read celebrity gossip magazines, watched Khloe and Lamar, laughed, talked, and drank a lot of coffee.

Happily, Marci's husband's initials coincide with mine and JulieAnn's names, so we all happened to have our own lettered mugs.

We walked down to the Orange Circle and Olde Towne Plaza to go antiquing.  The Circle reminds me so much of downtown Petaluma, and walking from Marci's to the shops reminded me of walking from my home to the antique stores in Petaluma.  Oh, California, I've missed you so.

Here I am telling the sun how much I love him and to keep sending the Vitamin D.

The Starbucks in the Circle is in the inside of a bank.  Gorgeous building.  The only prettier Starbucks I've seen was in Boston.

Every time the three of us have a weekend together, we have a photo shoot on the beach.  First in Santa Barbara, then in Bodega Bay, and this time in Newport.  (Also, apparently there is a Newport Beach in Oregon...makes for confusion when I tell people I went to California and went to Newport Beach.)

Who wouldn't love these two?  I mean, really.

Honestly, doesn't this make you want to be friends with them?  Adorable.

Poor Marc has endured lots of this over the past nearly fifteen years.

My feet missed the warm sand.

Also, this happened.
 I've been wanting this tattoo for awhile.  The swirls are for my hubby's initials, "S.S."  The cross is for Jesus. :)

We went to dinner.

Got pedicures.

Had a yummy breakfast with vanilla chai lattes at The Filling Station.

And we laughed a lot.

I'm looking forward to seeing how our friendships grow and develop more over the years, and I'm excited for when our visits turn into camping trips with our kids - when we actually need that anti-wrinkle cream.  I wish we all lived closer and could see each other every week, but the fact that we don't makes these trips even more precious.  It's always bittersweet, not knowing when we'll see each other next, but I'm grateful for these stolen moments to remind me just how blessed I am.  

And girls, next time we're all getting tattoos.


  1. Looks like you had such a fun time. Glad you were able to go spend time with each other!!

  2. SO much fun. I love the circle in Orange and all the stores and I recognized Newport Beach, that's where I grew up. Ya wonder why I want to leave Syracuse??? So nice to have special friends.

  3. Oh I loved this post. Thanks for sharing your trip. I like your tattoo. I have always wanted a worship tattoo on my foot. I don't know Justin would think I was crazy. I have also wanted a nose ring come to think of it. LOL

  4. I want to print this and keep it close to my heart. What kind and sincere words. People are always amazed when I talk about friends from high school -- I think it is rare to have such close relationships last.

    That weekend was sunshine for my soul -- I miss it already.

    You are wonderful.



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