Saturday, February 11, 2012

Les Mis? Lesmazing!

(The title of this blog must be attributed to Sam, who would not stop saying it after we saw Les Mis in Portland last year.)

They (whoever "they" are) have decided to make another Les Mis movie, this time a musical version.

New favorite movie?  Very possible.

It is not scheduled to come out until December 7th, and currently it is in production, but the cast list has me pretty excited.  First of all, I've heard Samantha Barks was cast as Eponine.  This is Samantha performing "A Little Fall of Rain" in London.  Video quality isn't great but based on this clip I think she'll make a great Eponine.  (Much better than the other actresses who were reportedly in the running - Scarlett Johannson?  Thank you, filmmakers, for not casting her and possibly ruining my favorite role.)

If I could ever live my dream of performing on Broadway, I'd want to play Eponine.

Amanda Seyfried is Cosette, which I can picture, but I just can't see Anne Hathaway as Fantine - hoping she will surprise me.  Hugh Jackman will play Jean Valjean, which is great because he has such extensive theater experience, though he will be following a long line of amazing vocalists who have played the role, and has rather large shoes to fill.  I'm pretty stoked to see Russell Crowe as Javert, and I think Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen will be perfect as the Thenardiers.

This is the Finale, performed by my favorite actors who have played the roles of Jean Valjean and Eponine. Not sure what language the lyrics are in, but I know it isn't French.

The lyrics - incredible.  "To love another person is to see the face of God."  Best show ever.

I will now be counting down the days until December 7th!  (And I realize this was probably not the least bit interesting to anyone except probably my sisters, Marci, and Bree.  Sorry people, I'm just too excited about this.)


  1. Ooooh, now I'm excited! I remember you saying they were making one a while ago but it sounds like it will be great!! And yes, Scarlett would have ruined the role.

    1. i feel like if we're together at christmas, we should see this!

  2. Glad you're excited, but there's nothing like a live performance with a live orchestra. And I want a seat where I can see the orchestra!

    1. dad i actually thought of you while i was watching clips and clips from live performances on youtube...the orchestra really does make it great! it made me want to be a conductor.

  3. I did not know anything about this, but I am extremely excited for it to come out now. How fun!! And what a cast.

  4. Yes, so exciting. I am quite happy that ScarJo did not end up in that cast. Also, that was definitely a Jonas brother from the Les Mis 25th Anniversary Concert. I remember 7th grade sitting in your room listening to this cd, while you explained all of the characters to me--what a good friend you are!

  5. Agree with you and Marc about ScarJo -- how did I not know that we all had such strong feelings against this actress? Too funny!

    Still need to see it live - adding to the "get to do" list now!!


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