Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Little Things

The past few weeks haven't been great, so today I just want to post about the little things that have made me happy recently.

Bree sent me this bright yellow shopping bag, covered in ostriches.  Yes, ostriches.  If you don't understand why a yellow bag covered in ostriches would be perfect for me, ask me to show you someday.  This little surprise package completely made my week.  Thanks, Bree!

Another happy little thing: I got my hair did.  The most exciting part of this for me was that I was forced to sit still for a couple hours.  That doesn't happen often for me.  And yes, I did fall asleep in the chair.  Plus, getting my hair done allowed me to get this beautiful picture of myself.  Admittedly, it's not as stunning as this one:

This is what happens when I blow dry my hair straight.  I try to tame it as much as possible and make it as smooth as I can, but inevitably, this is always the result.  I meant to get a picture when my hair was actually straightened with a flat iron, and when I didn't look ridiculous, but then I remembered these pictures are much funnier.  So why waste time on "good" pictures?

And now let's talk about this:

Trebuchet.  My new favorite band.  They've been playing together for a couple years, but their debut album just came out this month.  I bought the digital version - I'm not hip enough to own a record player yet - and I haven't stopped listening to it.  I've seen them perform live twice, and they're ridiculously talented musicians.  I tend to judge music on how easily it makes me cry, and Trebuchet makes me weep.  Especially He Ran - so good.  Do yourself a favor and go listen here, and if you like what you hear (which you will), buy their record, especially if you're hip enough to own a record player.  And check out their facebook page and show them some love, because they're awesome.  They're all friends of ours from Petaluma, and we love them and we love that they made this record.  And we would love it if they went on tour and came to Portland, so we could see their faces, because we miss them.  That would definitely make us happy.

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  1. Love the bag - how sweet of Bree! Sometimes I fall asleep in the chair too! Glad you had to be still for a few hours - you're too funny, why waste film on a good picture?


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