Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moving Musings

Sam and I moved into our apartment on July 9th, 2011.  We are moving out on July 31st, 2012, meaning it has been over a year since we have been in this apartment.

What a record.

Considering the fact that we moved four times in our first year of marriage, I would say that staying in the same city and the same apartment for one whole year is almost unbelievable.  And even more shocking, we are moving to a house in the same city we are in now.  It is so unlike us.

Given how often we moved, some people might assume I'm an expert mover.  Oh, how wrong you would be in that assumption.  The truth is, the more we move, the less I care.  I laughed to myself when I saw the old boxes from the last time we moved.  They were carefully labeled, indicating which room the boxes should go in and the basic contents.  This time around I threw whatever I could into a box, trying to fit it all in as quickly and easily as I could.  So, when unpacking, I'll probably find a few mugs with some couch pillows and picture frames and hair gel and bath towels, along with maybe some yearbooks.  No big deal.

However, as tired as I am of moving, I do like our new place.  It's much closer to work, and it is a house, which is fun because we don't have super loud upstairs neighbors.  Also, there is this:

Super awesome green and yellow spotted kitchen floor.  Not-so-awesome?  The bathroom wall paper, which I don't remember seeing when we first looked at the house...

Here is the weird plate thing that is apparently vital to the structural integrity of our home.  (Catch that reference, anyone?)

Luckily, the buttery yellow color perfectly matches my antique desk, so it looks like we put it there ourselves.

The house is pretty old, so it's smaller than our apartment.  We have enough room, we just have far less storage space.  Also, it's bigger than our tiny place in Petaluma, so I know we can make it work.  There's something oddly refreshing to me about downsizing.  It means we get rid of the extra and live only on the necessary.  If you find yourself with too much stuff, I highly recommend moving, especially if you're moving to a smaller place.  It really helps you remember what you actually need.  For example, I will soon be getting rid of a lot of clothes, because there just isn't room for any more.  In my opinion, it's always good to cut the fat, people.

And, in case any of you are wondering where I landed on that whole hair color thing, I did choose to try to go back to my natural color.  The box was labeled "Natural golden brown", which I assumed was probably pretty close to my real color.  So what I'd like to know is who switched out the color for dark, reddish brown?

Does that look like "natural golden brown" to anyone?  It looks even darker and redder in person!  I have decided that my hair just wants to be this color, and so whichever color I dye it, it will go back to this.  Fine with me.  I feel more like myself with dark than with blonde, so we'll stick with this.  At least for a month.

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  1. =) you are cute!!! So excited for your move -- when do we get to see the final product pictures? This weekend?

    Missing the blonde, but loving the dark brown/red -- it does look more like you this way!


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