Monday, July 9, 2012

Procrastination at its Finest

It's the season of blogging more, cleaning my house, maybe even working out, and spending too much time doing ridiculous, unimportant things.

I've started school again.

Right now, I have three chapters to read, a paper to write, and a few web lectures I need to watch, all before Wednesday.  And of course, instead of actually doing all of this work, I instead feel an intense need to blog, and I suddenly feel like cleaning the house, I think I should do an hour of yoga tonight (even though it hasn't occurred to me to do yoga in six months) and I'm contemplating dying my hair.  Right now.

Yes, school tends to bring out the procrastinator in me.  I always get my work done, I always do it well, and I always freak out right before it's due, thinking I won't finish everything and whatever I turn in will inevitably be crap.  Don't believe me?  Ask my poor husband.  One wonders why I don't just go easy on myself by not waiting until the last minute.  The truth is, I have no idea how to do that.

Not to mention, the past few weeks have been sort of non-stop.  Work has been a beast lately - lots of long days, lots of waking up at 3am, lots of having to wake up at 3am after not getting home until 10pm. Also, happily, we had visitors last week!  The four members of the fabulous Not To Reason Why stopped in Salem on their tour, which meant that Sam and I got to hang out with Navid, Paul, Lauren, and Ian.  We had dinner, Lauren and I bought some amazing America-themed shirts to wear to watch the fireworks, and Navid dominated at Dance Central on the Kinect.  On Thursday we drove up to Portland to watch them perform, which was pretty rad.  They're crazy talented, lovely people.  And I always love having visitors.  (Hint, hint, to all of you California friends.)

Technically my homework isn't due until Sunday, but on Thursday Sam and I are headed to Tahoe to go camping.  We didn't get to camp at all last summer, so we're pretty excited.  Even better, we get to go with Marci, Josh, JulieAnn, and Robert, so we're guaranteed a good time.  And obviously I can't do homework on Wednesday, because Wednesday is...

my birthday.

And doing homework on your birthday is, in my opinion, the equivalent to running a marathon right before your wedding.  Utterly ridiculous.

So, I suppose I really should get back to homework, and try to ignore the voice in my head that's telling me it's a good time to reorganize my closets.  And I will have to wait to dye my hair, even though I am itching to go back to brown. took three months and I-don't-even-want-to-admit-how-much-money to get my hair blond, but I'm over it.  Today a girl at work said I change the color of my hair more than anyone she's ever known.  Hmmm...

Medium brown...

Dark brown...

Bright red...


Dark red...

Aannnd, blonde...

Blonde is the most expensive, most high-maintenance, and makes my hair straighter, which is sorta lame, so it's gotta go.  But does anyone think one color looks better than the other?  And try not to let my facial expressions influence you...apparently it's difficult for me to take a normal picture.

And the procrastination has now run its course, so it's time for some homework.  You're welcome for the completely pointless blog that only served to prevent me from working.


  1. Medium brown. Or black. Quite flattering on you love!

  2. Black or dark red, absolutely love both of those!!!!

  3. You crack me up Kimberly Ann :) I like the medium brown, but the dark red and black were nice too - you just look good in so many different hair colors. I love you!

  4. I like them all, Kim, although I prefer the color that God gave you - whatever that is... it's been so long since I've seen your natural color :) That being said, you are indeed a master procrastinator, so stop messing around and get your homework done :) - Dad

  5. I actually love the blonde and am very much looking forward to getting a blonde picture with you this don't take it way just yet! =)

    The dark red and medium brown are wonderful....but I actually agree with your dad, I would love to see your natural color. But that's just me....I'm always like that!


  6. I agree w/your look good in so many different colors; but to actually vote: medium brown to me, gives you a natural pretty look. The black to me, gives you a stunning look as it really compliments your skin and beautiful eyes. I also love your natural curls!

    Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a GREAT time camping!

  7. You look great in any color but I would have to say that I love the dark red or black on you. Oh yes, and your natural curls are beautiful!!


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