Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I jogged...this is a big deal.

Here's what I want everyone to do.  I want everyone to come and visit me and Sam just so you can go on a walk through our neighborhood with me.  Okay?  Also, Morty and Willow love visitors.

I went for another jog today, but only because I love jogging through the neighborhood.  I don't say, "I went for a run" because let's be honest - I don't run.  I jog very slowly.  But still, I did it!  And who knew that to get me to exercise, all Sam needed to do was move me to a pretty place?  Unfortunately, my jog turned into a stop-every-ten-steps-and-take-a-picture-of-that-adorable-house-on-my-phone.  Is that considered jogging?  Well, the good news is that even after I wound my way through all the little streets, I went through a second time without stopping, just because it was so pleasant and pretty.  So I kept jogging after I planned to stop.  Seriously.  This is not normal.  Also, is it okay to take pictures of someone else's house?  If you think about it, they probably bought the house because they wanted people to take pictures, right?  If you own a house that pretty, you're just asking for it.  If it's deemed appropriate, next time I'm taking my real camera on my jog, because the cell phone pictures didn't really do it justice.

You know the house on Father of the Bride?  The one that is so gorgeous and quaint that you think people don't live in houses like that in real life?  Well, all the houses are like that here.  And I love how unique they all are.  Today I was really tempted to go start knocking on random doors, begging the inhabitants to see the inside of their home.  In one particularly nice house, I could see a woman sitting at a computer.  (Um, so it's not creepy enough that I'm taking pictures of your house?  Perfect, I'll just spy on you from outside like a crazy person.)  I was immediately convinced that she is a writer, that she sits surrounded by such beauty, and writes novels.  It's also how she affords her lovely brick home.  See?

I love all the open windows, the plethora of flowers and vegetation, and Adirondack chairs on every porch or front yard.  And yes, people sit on the porch here.

Literally the whole front yard is a garden.


Yeah, just a garden on the sidewalk, no big deal.

It's amazing to me how much where I live affects my mood.  I used to say I could never write in Salem since I missed Petaluma so much, but now I realize we were just living in the wrong part of Salem.  I feel a lot more inspired here.  Maybe it's all the sun streaming in my windows (which I know won't last forever, since the rain is coming soon), but I think it's just this sweet little neighborhood of ours.  

Speaking of writing, guess who got a blogging internship?  Yes ma'am.  So stoked!  But more on that later.

And here is one of my favorite parts of our house, cat included.

Uh...yes, we let our cats on our table.  Or rather, our cats let us know they will sit on the table no matter what.  It's okay, we never eat at our table.

And hey, those yellow flowers in the picture?  From my husband of two years.  Yep, exactly two years ago today I said "I do" to this stud.

I'm a lucky lady.  I would write a long sappy love note to him, but I've already done that here and here, and at least four other times on this blog.  I figure you all are getting sick of hearing about how happy I am to be married to him.  But nevertheless, happy 2nd anniversary, husband!  I'm so thankful for you.


  1. Beautiful Houses! Yes, take your fancy camera next time. You're close to the Governor's Mansion, too, I think. You should definitely take a picture of it & I think there are some Italian Villa looking houses in your neighborhood - I am formally requesting some pictures of those too!

    Happy 2nd Anniversary to you & Sam!

  2. You live in a beautiful neighborhood. I love driving around (not jog, he he) looking at beautiful homes and yards! Great blog Kim.

  3. Such beauty of homes and yards/gardens! I love the character and individuality of such homes and landscaping! You're fortunate to live in a neighborhood which makes jogging even more therapeutic/rewarding!


  4. ummmmm......internship?!!! PLEASE SHARE ASAP!!!! I love the photos, but the little line that let out a new little secret caught my attention more than the sidewalk gardens (which were amazing!)

    Miss you!


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