Friday, August 31, 2012

in your face, last year me!

I noticed that I blogged more in the month of August than any other month this year, with a grand total of seven blogs, including this one.


Last year I blogged 106 times.  If I want to hit that number, I'll have to blog nineteen times in each of the remaining four months of 2012.  (Wait a minute...really?  There are only four months left in 2012?) average number of blogs per month so far this year is pathetic.

I initially started this blog because I wanted to share all my great recipes and craft ideas with as many people as I could.


Actually I started it because I think I'm really funny.  (This is actually true.  I tell Sam at least five times a week how hilarious I am.)

The truth is, I blog because I want to be a writer and because most of my friends and family live in other states and I don't want them to forget about me.  But judging by my frequency of posts, my friends have all forgotten about me and I don't care at all about writing.

I don't want either of the previous statements to be true.

So, here it new goal is to beat my number of posts last year, leaving me with 108 in 2012.  (I'll be in competition with myself?  That's my favorite kind!)  That means I have to blog 19 times per month, which averages out to about five blogs a week.  Considering the fact that I'll be in school full time starting Tuesday, and that I just accepted a new job, this may be a challenge.

Fortunately, I like challenges.

So be prepared to be faced with an onslaught of blogs in the coming months.  Some will be serious, some will be funny, most will be (naturally) random.  I'll talk about my life, what I think about, and funny things our cats do.  (Feel free to unsubscribe now, if you wish.  It won't hurt my feelings.)

So here goes...nineteen blogs a month, which means I'll be doing a lot of writing.  But if I want to be a writer, I have to write...right?

(Also, I'll probably continue to add in Friends quotes every chance I get, as evidenced by this blog's title and content, so deal with that if you want to keep reading.)

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  1. Just going through my email and realizing that I have a quite a few blogs of yours I have yet to read. It appears that I have also started a new job and am falling behind on my reading of your blog!

    GO KIMBERLY GO....I totally know you can do it!


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