Wednesday, August 22, 2012

only special houses get named

I called our home in Petaluma the 'Luma Loft because it was on the second story of an old house, and immediately when you opened the front door you had to walk up a crooked, narrow stairway which should have led to at least ten injuries but surprisingly didn't.  I didn't name our Salem apartment because it wasn't a house, so it was automatically disqualified.  And the townhouse we almost bought in Lancaster shall forever be known as "The House That Shall Remain Nameless" because, well...just because it wasn't special.

Some people have requested photos, so I'd like to introduce you to The Cottage Green (so named because it is a cottage and it is green).

When you first walk into our little abode, this is what you see.

Look left, and you get a view of our living room.

Willow tried to sneak into as many pictures as she could.

Morty, too.

If I'm home, that front door is open.  It's been too nice to ever have it closed, and I love all the light it brings in.

If you go right when you walk inside, you see this:

And keep going through the kitchen and you come to our laundry area/where my dresser lives.

Keep walking through this little hallway and you get to our office/guest room/cats room.

And you can catch a glimpse of our little deck, too.

Fun facts about our house:
1. The washer and dryer are probably older than I am, so when the washer is on the spin cycle, it shakes violently, causing what resembles an earthquake.
2. There are spiders all over outside.  Tons of little webs are everywhere, and if you go in our backyard you have to karate chop your way around so that you don't walk into an invisible web.
3. There is this fun little thing:

It's just small enough to be almost invisible, but just high enough to hurt if you stub your toe on it.

You don't get to see our bedroom or bathroom today because I'm washing all our bedding and cleaning the bathroom.  But I hope you've enjoyed your tour through The Cottage Green.  Now don't you want to come visit?


  1. Very cute Kimberly. I love reading your blogs, you are a very good writer :)

  2. I liked this post. I got jealous of your curtains and of your cats though. I need your address to write you. Email me!

  3. I love that you named your's so Anne of Green Gables, and I adore her. I recently just read the first several books in that series again and it made me look around at the beauties of nature thinking things like "The Forest of Enchantment" and "The Valley of Sunshine Flowers" and the like...I do so hope to get to "name" a house soon, but all our apartments were unworthy...maybe soon!


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