Thursday, August 23, 2012

so...i like animals.

Sometimes I get teased about being a "crazy-cat-lady".

Um...okay, so most of the time I get teased about it.

It's true.  I love cats.  I love all animals, really, but cats do have a special place in my heart.  I can't explain my affection for them, though I'm pretty sure a great deal of it has to do with a certain person named Nancy.  Hey, Mama.  We sure love those little kitties, don't we?

Sometimes my husband wishes I didn't love animals quite so much, especially when a commercial comes on for the ASPCA and I immediately start sobbing.  I had to stop reading my ASPCA newsletters because I became so enraged upon hearing of animal abuse.  I mean honestly, how cowardly can you be?  Abusing a defenseless creature with no voice?  Talk about scum of the earth.

But I digress.

To be honest, sometimes I wish I wasn't such an animal lover.  It's not fun being really sad when I hear about animals being abused, and I don't enjoy how upset I get when I consider that millions of animals are euthanized each year due to overcrowding in shelters.  Sometimes I don't like this sensitive little heart of mine, and I wish I could turn it off and become more calloused toward these creatures.  If I didn't care, I wouldn't hurt.

But I do care.

So make fun of me if you want, call me crazy-cat-lady.  I can handle it.  I'm assuming if you read this blog, you know me and love me, so you're okay with my love for animals.

I was recently given an opportunity to blog for a company called Jusani, a company that cares about animals as much as I do.  As a blogger, I get to help raise awareness about animal adoption, as well as educating others about animal care.  I'm so thrilled to be able to do this, to use my abilities to help a cause I feel so passionately about.  Now my writing won't just be for my own silly self; it might actually help some animals.

Jusani is also an online boutique, and sells clothes, jewelry, stationary, and fun items for your pets.  The proceeds go toward animal shelters, providing food and medical care for those animals in need.  Isn't that great?  I love it.  I've been checking out the website and there are so many items I can't wait to order!

How cute is this shirt?  I'm already envisioning layering it when it starts getting colder.

And Sam likes Boston Terriers a lot, so maybe I'll get this for him:

I'm a little obsessed with this necklace...

...and these earrings!

There are so many other cute things on the website, but obviously I can't list them all here.  And the best part is, the money is used for good.  (And now you all know where to shop for presents for me.  Seriously, you could not go wrong getting any of this stuff for me.  Just so you know.  I know you were all hoping to buy me presents in the near future.)

And if you don't like cats, that's okay.  I mean, I think you're crazy, but it's okay.  :)  We aren't just helping cats, we're helping all shelter animals.  For all you dog-lovers out there, Jusani is saving dogs, too!  And there are lots of cute things for your dog, like personalized collars and tags.  So adorable!

I wrote my first blog there today, and even if you have no intention of buying anything or supporting the company, I would definitely appreciate it if you checked out my blog.  Read about my little baby Lulu, who has since adopted my mom as her mom. :)  And let me know what you think!  And even if this just becomes fodder for more ridicule, so be it.  At least I'm doing something I believe in, right?

Thanks for your support!

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  1. Kim, I think your blog is great! And it is definitely for a good cause, you go girl! Good job!! This company could not have asked for a better blogger. :)

  2. Love your blog (and kitties until the mark their territory!) and your new blog too! It's nice to know where to buy you gifts:)

  3. LOVE this! Who makes fun of you -- that does not seem nice. I love that you love cats, and I'm quite sad that they make me ill! Going to check out the post now!


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