Wednesday, August 29, 2012

weekends and nail polish

For the past year, there are two things I have greatly missed.

Weekends and nail polish.

They may seem like small, insignificant things to you, but if you go for a year without weekends and nail polish, you might miss them, too.  (Granted, not everyone would miss the nail polish, but I'm one of those girls that loves painting her nails, so I miss it.)

Working at Starbucks equals giving up your weekends and your opportunity to paint your nails.  I have sort of hated having to rush off to work right after church every Sunday, or wake up at 3am on Saturdays to get to work while my sweet husband slept another six hours.  Whereas weekends are when most people plan trips and activities, weekends are generally when I'm busy at work.  My free time was often random days during the week, when everyone else I knew was working.

But not anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen, in less than two short weeks, this girl will retire her green apron forever.  I'm not kidding this time.  Forever.  

No more opens, no more frappuccino happy hours, no more being judged as incompetent or unintelligent simply because I work at Starbucks, and no more smelling like coffee all the time.  

Thanks to Grae, our friend from church, I will now be working in an office.  I won't have to rush to work on Sundays, I'll be able to paint my nails, and I can even walk to work, since the office is less than two blocks away.

It's kind of like the ideal job for me right now.

(Besides, of course, staying at home with the cats, knitting, and writing silly blogs.  Anyone want to pay me to do that?)


  1. SO SO SO SO SO AWESOME! Congratulations on the new job Kimmy! And you get to walk to work - fantastic!

  2. WAHOO!!! Sounds ideal! I love walking to work and it saves money - gas and the gym membership!

  3. Sounds like a welcomed change....I'm very HAPPY for you!


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