Saturday, September 1, 2012

Woes...and wows.

I thought I'd write again about my week's woes, but then I realized it just sounded like I was complaining.  I really don't want to sound like I'm complaining, so I decided to add in some "wows".  I know, right?  Woes and wows?  I am soooo lame.

Oh well.

First the woes.
  • For the first time ever since we've been married (I think), Sam and I have to pay for our water.  Previously our landlords have done it, but now we get to be grown ups and pay for our own.  Normally this wouldn't be a problem, since I try to conserve water as much as I can anyway, but...I like to take baths...often once a day...sometimes twice in the winter.  So...we got our first water bill.  And I can't take as many baths.  And I'm sad.
  • In the past few weeks three different people have talked to me about someone who is making life miserable.  With each person, the offender's name was Kim.  No, they weren't talking about me, and no, the three people don't know each other and the Kims are all different people, but still...I nodded along in support and said things like, "Yeah, Kim sounds like she needs to grow up, what a jerk.  Kim's mean," all the while wondering if these people were subconsciously mad at me because of association.  And this happened three times!  And y'all wonder why I prefer being called Kimberly?  Something about the name Kim just has negative connotations.  I blame the Kardashian.
And the wows.
  • Today is this girl's birthday (the one on the left, obviously.)  I call her a girl still, even though she's married with two kids, because she's my sister and I probably always will.  Also, I'll always call her Booty, though I have never figured out why I call her that or why it stuck.  I'm pretty thankful she was born, because she's a fabulous sister, and because she makes adorable babies for me to love.  Happy Birthday, Booty!
  • Tonight Sam and I are going to a wedding.  Yay for Jay and Sheena!  Yay for love!
  • Tomorrow is my parent's anniversary.  Yay for my parents, who are probably more in love now than ever after 34 years, and for their example to me and Sam!

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  1. haha....since you gave some woes, you also gave me a smile! =) Just so you know, all the Kims in my life are wonderful and I love each of them...and you are the ONLY Kimberly I know =)

    I LOVE weddings! For some reason we have had a lull in wedding season in our life this year, but we do get to go to one in just a few weeks and I stoked! It it always wonderful to dress up, dance, drink some vino and be surrounded by wonderful!

    Also, paying for water is lame. We have had to do this for three years now and I can always tell the months when we've had visitors because our bill is always a bit higher, but it is worth it!

    Missing you friend.


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