Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why I Haven't Blogged in 2 Months

Here I am, back from my long hiatus from blogging.  It's not that I didn't want to write, or didn't have anything to write about.

It's just that I've been a little busy growing a human. 

Basically, for the past nine weeks, I've been sleeping, eating, trying not to throw up, trying to keep my eyes open while working on homework, and trying not to worry about my little growing baby.  I've had a ton of thoughts about pregnancy, but didn't quite feel ready to share my thoughts with the world, so my writing has been of the private sort as of late.  But here are some answers to the basic questions we've been getting.

Was baby a surprise?  Baby was a major surprise.  Sam and I had talked about starting a family sometime next year, and when I took the pregnancy test I didn't actually think I was pregnant.  I took the test to just prove that I wasn't pregnant, so when I saw a second, faint pink line, I freaked out a bit.  But it was a good freak out.  We are both extremely excited about baby Swenson.

When are you due?  May 25th.

Are you going to find out the sex?  Yes.  And no, we don't have a preference.  I change my mind daily as to whether or not I'd prefer a girl or boy.  Sometimes I think it would be way easier to raise a mini-Kimberly, sometimes I think it would be easier to raise a mini-Sam.  (But I think I'm just kidding myself because any offspring of ours will be extremely stubborn, so either way it probably will be something of a challenge...)

What will you name him/her?  No idea.  Sam wants to wait until we know if we're naming our daughter or son before we discuss name ideas.  (But yes, I already have several boy and girl names picked out that I just have to convince Sam to agree to when the time comes.)

Morning sickness?  Not a lot of morning sickness, just nausea.  Unfortunately, my former diet staples now make me sick.  The thought of coffee grosses me out completely.  Also, I used to have a banana spinach shake every morning for breakfast, which I couldn't possibly keep down now.  And I used to eat a lot of steamed kale with brown rice and soy sauce, but even typing that makes me feel yucky.  Apparently baby doesn't want it's leafy greens quite yet.  (Thank God for prenatal vitamins!)

Cravings?  Um, yes.  Any Friends fans remember when vegetarian Phoebe was pregnant with her triplets?   The baby wants meat!  I hadn't eaten meat since December of 2011, and never once missed it.  Well, this little baby seems to love meat, so we're getting lots of protein!  Also, I have never in my life liked hamburgers.  If I ever went to In-N-Out or McDonalds, I only ever got fries or a salad.  Suddenly, I love hamburgers.  The worst part is I can't even eat the bun because of the gluten, so I'd just eat the hamburger meat!  And I normally hate hamburger meat!  Aside from that, I've only made Sam go to the store once to get me something I was craving, and that was for chocolate milk.  Yummmmmy.

Here's my official 14-week picture.

There is a slight shadow on the wall behind me, but yes, I am that big.  I basically started showing immediately.  People say it usually takes awhile with the first pregnancy because the baby has to push through your ab muscles...well, I've never had any ab muscles to speak of, so apparently baby had no problem making itself known.  I think my stomach is just remembering what it was like when I was chubby, and has immediately reverted back to that.  I've never deluded myself into thinking I'd be one of those cute pregnant women who doesn't look pregnant from behind and her weight is all in her belly.  I'm fairly certain I will balloon up rather quickly.  That's fine by me, as long as baby is healthy.

And here's just a fun picture with my sister, who is due in January.  (She is one of those cute pregnant women whose weight is all in her belly.)

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