Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Joys

What should you give a cat for Christmas?  A box to sit in.

Sam and I had a surprisingly great Christmas this year.  I say surprisingly because we were both sad that we couldn't be with our families, so we were expecting to have a more subdued, melancholy day.  (Well, at least that's what I was expecting.)  We're not the type of people who dread holidays spent with family; we actually really like the people we're related to.  And since we don't get to spend enough time with them in general, holidays are usually the guaranteed hang-out times, so missing out was a bummer for both of us.

Thankfully, we got to video chat with both of our families after having a breakfast of yummy apple crisp (with lots of whipped cream).  After that, to avoid sitting home all day with the holiday blues, we headed to the movie theater to see Les Mis, the movie I'd been anxiously awaiting for about a year.  I was not disappointed; it was incredible.  I've basically obsessed over this play since I was eight or nine.  I remember playing the CD over and over, throwing bits of red and black construction paper into the air while singing "Red and Black", switching between playing Javert and Jean Valjean during "The Confrontation", and singing all the parts to "One Day More".  To finally have a musical version made into a movie was something of a dream come true, although in my dream I'm cast as Eponine or Fantine, of course.  Still, the cast did an amazing job, and the movie, though based on the play, actually had bits from the book that aren't included in the play, which made it even better.  I highly recommend seeing it!

We had planned on seeing The Hobbit immediately after Les Mis, but as we exited the theater, we were greeted by crowds and crowds of people who had apparently finished opening their presents.  So we decided to head home instead, because Sam doesn't like crowds and I was starving.  On our way home we drove past another, smaller movie theater, one that didn't have any lines and happened to be showing The Hobbit about twenty minutes from that time.  We also happily realized that it was $5 Tuesday, so we got some pretty cheap tickets.  The best part, according to this pregnant pig, is that this movie theater is also sort of a restaurant, so you can order food throughout the movie and eat it while enjoying the show.  And it's not just typical movie theater food, it's yummy stuff.  So Sam quickly ordered a Blue Velvet burger with fries and a beer, and I enjoyed a basket of fries and a vanilla milkshake - delish!

A few minutes before the movie was scheduled to start, I was happily shoveling fries into my mouth when an attendant announced that due to technical issues, they'd be showing us the 3D version of the movie instead of the normal, cheaper one we'd paid for.  They passed out our 3D glasses, and Sam smiled like a litttle boy on Christmas, as he'd been wanting to see it in 3D and it was a very pleasant surprise.  We agreed that the day just kept getting better and better!  To top it off, a fellow movie-goer made quite a scene about the switch, because she hated 3D movies, and her utter ridiculousness was quite entertaining for us.  As she was leaving, some other patrons filed into her vacated seats, and she instructed them that the food she was leaving behind was "not for touching, it's for them to pick up because I'm leaving."  Sam and I are rather entertained by nonsensical, absurd people, so we found this little outburst rather comical.  Who complains about a free upgrade, and on Christmas?  Oh, people.

So a day that I anticipated being somewhat sad turned out to be a great day.  Both movies were fantastic, and Sam and I had a fun day together, minus families and presents.  It was a great reminder that the materialism isn't necessary for a great Christmas, and that Sam and I could enjoy the day even though we really wished we could be with family.  As much as everyone wants to believe Christmas is about presents and family, the real reason we celebrate is because of a little baby that was born a very long time ago.  (And yes, I know Jesus wasn't actually born December 25th, but since that's the day we've chosen to celebrate, that's when we do it.)  Speaking of babies, it seems like it was an appropriate way to spend our last Christmas as a family of two, just enjoying each other and some movies.  (I highly doubt we'll be seeing many movies once baby comes.)

Plus, it helped that we got to be with my family for Thanksgiving, and that we knew we'd be spending time with Sam's family a few days after Christmas.

Here's a picture of a rapidly-growing me, at (I think) about 17.5 weeks:

And my two favorite cute guys.

I hope that everyone who's reading this had a wonderful Christmas, wherever you were and whatever you were doing!

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  1. Glad you had an enjoyable day together! Baby is sure look cute, and Sam looks comfortable!


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