I am:

Kimberly.  Or Kimmy to my family and close friends.  Kim to people I was too shy to tell I don't like being called Kim.

I'm married to Sam.  He's cute and funny.  I think he's funniest when he makes fun of me.  I like jokes about me, unless it's something I'm actually sensitive about.

I have two kitties.  Morty and Willow.  They are precious.  If you don't like cats you haven't met my cats.

I'm a student.  I hate going to school.  I'm generally very lazy.  I don't like to work hard for things that don't come easily to me.  I'm also a perfectionist, so I hate it that I'm lazy and want to work on that, but it doesn't come easily for me.  Paradox?  Yes.  These are the thorns in my side.

I love yellow.  If you come to my house, you might leave glowing a sort of golden color because there is just that much yellow everywhere.  I think yellow represents joy and hope, and I think we all need that in our lives.

I love God.  I'm sustained by Him alone.  I want Jesus to permeate every part of my being.  I want my life (and blog) to point to Him.

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